Artist’s Statement

I am an artist educating the masses. My goal is to teach…to enlighten others about the rich African-American experiences, culture, and traditions in this region.

Through various mediums, I am able to link the past to the present and form positive visions of the future. When I culturally enhanced one’s knowledge than I know that my God-given talents are at work.

Internationally reknown Bruce Brice is a self-taught artist residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. Brice began his career as a puppeteer, in the sixth grade. Charging penny admissions to shows, he produced them in the hallways of the housing project which he lived.

For one who is not a stickler for labels, yet is called a “folk”, “primitive”, or “naive” artist, art by Brice resembles works of Haitian artists. Similarities are found in his employment of abstracts, the bold use of vibrant colors, and symmentry.

People and New Orleans are his favorite subjects. Whenever you see a Bruce Brice painting, you see people interacting, a social awareness, and a documentary of the past, the present, and fragments of the future.