41. 31st Anniversary Y2K

31st Anniversary Y2K , Signed (26″ x 36 “)

$87 (unframed)
$200 (framed)

After 31 years, Bruce Brice has done it again….As the creator of the first New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival poster, this is another color fest of musical images that he considers to be his finest effor yet.

The crown depicts Jazz Fest as the reigning king of musical festivals. The bright notes contribute to the vast array of musical arrangements heard throughout Jazz Fest for thirty-one consecutive years, which brings us across the bridge into the year 2000.

In this painting the eyes represent the foresight and the vision the Jazz Fest has taken. Bruce invites you to use your eyes, ears, and nose to partake the full sensory enjoyment of this extravaganza. The stars represent all of the great musicians past, present, and future who have and will contribute their artistic talents to the succss of the Jazz Fest. While the instruments bring balance to the painting, the J and F at bottom of the print represents nothing other than Jazz Fantastic !

Bruce feels this print is child friendly and hopes that all who gaze at this print will be surrounded with happy thoughts and pleasant memories.