40. 30th Anniversary Legacy

30th Anniversary Legacy, Signed (26″ x 36 “)

$107 (unframed)
$240 (framed)

Bruce Brice Celebrated 30 years at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 1999.

The past 30 years have seen the passing of a number of notable New Orleans’ musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and staff who have participated in the Jazz and Heritage Festival productions as well as several internationally acclaimed artists who appeared here and considered New Orleans their spiritual home.

The 30th Anniversary New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is dedicated to those great artists, entrepreneurs, and staff who have embodied the joy, spirit and genius of the music, food and cultural heritage which this event celebrates.

The 30th Anniversary New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Legacy. The Artist’s View

This painting was created in the memory of all musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and staff that died in the past 30 year history of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

As in life, energy is in the body. In death, energy leaves the body and returns to its source-the universe. In this picture, the names of the musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs, and staff returns to the universe as stars reflecting light and giving off energy that explodes into images, and thus-leaving the universe in perfect harmony.

Love always and may Peace Be Unto You and your family.

Albert “Papa” French
Albert sabie
Allan Gaffe
Allison Miner
Alton Pernell
Alvin Thomas, Jr.
Anderson Minor
Armand Hug
Babe Stovall
Benny Goodman
Bill Russell
Billie & DeDe Pierce
Blanche Thomas
Buster Holmes
Cab Calloway
Charles Bering
Chester Zarhis
Chris Kenner
Cie Frazie
Clarence Garlow
Count Basie
Dino Santangelo
Dizzy Gillespie
Duke Ellington
Earl “Fatha” Hines
Eddie “Lock Jaw” Davis
Edware Drank
Ellyna Tatum

Emma Barrett
Emmanual Sayles
Eubie Blake
Fats Houston
Francine Flemmings
Frank Moliere
Gerald Tilman
Herbie Mann
Herman Sherman
Howlin Wolf
Isidore “Tuts” Washington
James Booker
James Prevost
Jim Robinson
Johnny Adams
Johnny Wiggs
Jules Cohn
Kid Punch Miller
Kid Sheik
Kid Thomas
Lee Dorsey
Louis Armstrong
Louis Cattrell
Mahalia Jackson
Mike Stark
Miles Davis
Moses Asch
Oscar “Chicken” Henry


Paul Crawford
Percy Humphrey
Professor Longhair
Purcy Miller
Rahsan Roland Kirk
Ralph Chester Jones
Raymond Myles
Red Tyler
Rober Weiner
Robert “Sonny” Vaucresson
Rodney Balfa
Roosevelt Sykes
Sal Grisaffi
Sharkey Bonance
Sing Miller
Sippie Wallace
Sis. Gertrude Morgan
Stanley Williams
Teddy Wilson
Thadeus Jones
Thomas Jefferson
Tom Dent
W. Alonzo Stewart
Will Balfa
William Brown
Willie Humphrey