25. High Steppers in Treme Neigborhood

I am an artist educating the masses. My goal is to teach...to enlighten others about the rich African-American experiences, culture, and traditions in this region.

High Steppers in Treme Neighborhood,
Signed Silkscreen edition of 250 (22 1/2″ x 30″)

$940 (unframed)
$1000 (framed)

Call the police. It’s a street parade. Experience a cultural explosion as this local social and pleasure club parades around the Treme neighborhood, one of the oldest black neighborhoods in New Orleans, showcasing their tailored-made outfits, umbrellas, and fans along side a traditional jazz band (the white hats indicate a happy event) as they entice others to partake in the street party.

The first line is formed by the band followed by the “second-liners”, a group of people dancing. Thereafter, those watching from the porches of their colorful shotgun homes (A shotgun house is a housse that is structured where one room is directly behind another. So, that one could shoot a shotgun straight through the front and the bullet will fly to the back of the house). fall in line. And, as we say, “rest…is history. “

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